Membership Description

The Alpha Charter Guild offers two different levels of membership – Active and Associate. Both levels require proposal by a current Active Member of the Guild. Active members are required to complete a Provisional Year before becoming full members.

Our Active Members are the lifeblood of the organization, donating countless hours to the success of the Guild through support of our various fundraisers. For specific details outlining the obligations and benefits of an Active or Provisional Active Membership, please click on the links below.

Active Membership
Provisional Active Membership

Associate level membership is generally made up of community members who may have fewer hours to give, but possess a desire to support the Guild's mission in a consistent way. Just added in recent years, a Past Deb Associate membership is available to Past Debutantes of the Guild. For specific details outlining the Associate Membership levels available, please click on the links below.

Associate Membership
Past Deb Associate Membership

Sustaining Membership is open to those members of the Guild who have been Active Members in good standing for at least five years, excluding their Provisional Year. For details, click on the link below.

Sustaining Membership

Two other categories of Membership are given to the most dedicated of the Guild – Honorary and Lifetime.

Honorary status is given to those members of the community who have shown unusual interest and support for the Guild and are recommended by the Board of Directors.

Lifetime Members achieve their status after 20 years of Active Membership, excluding their Provisional Year, and upon approval by the Guild Board of Directors and Membership.