Debutantes and Escorts

Since 1965, the Alpha Charter Guild has had the honor of presenting nearly 1,000 debutantes. This year marks the 53th anniversary of the Hourglass Presentation Ball. 

If you know of a young lady who would like to particpate in the 2022 Debutante Program, please nominate her by using the form. RECOMMENDATION FORM

Current Debutantes

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Debutante Events

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History of the Deb Program

Debutante programs have come a long way in the last few centuries. Although the original balls were intended to introduce young women into society, they have now evolved into charitable events, as is the case with the...   Learn More About History of the Deb Program

Past Debutantes

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Past Debutantes List

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History of the Escort

When the first Alpha Charter Guild Debutante Ball was held in 1965, escorts were provided by the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. This tradition continued for many years. Other military branches also...   Learn More About History of the Escort

Debutante Application Process

To be eligible for the Debutante program, a young lady must have been recommended by an Alpha Charter Guild member, or have served as a Junior Volunteer at Antelope Valley Hospital and been recommended by the Director of...   Learn More About Debutante Application Process

Escort Application Process

The escorts to the Alpha Charter Guild Debutantes will be outstanding young men of the community, nominated by Guild members. Generally, the young men must be between the ages of 18 and 25 and will go through a thorough...   Learn More About Escort Application Process